R. Prem Chand, T. V. Sreerama Reddy, Chandrashekar Anjinappa, B. Omprakash, Abdul Razak, Anteneh Wogasso Wodajo

Impact of cryogenic treatment on the performance of coated tungsten carbide inserts during machining of EN24 grade alloy steel

  • General Engineering
  • General Computer Science

AbstractToday's industries need to be more productive, especially those that shape and machine materials. As a result, engineers and scientists are seeking for cutting tool materials and technologies that have high hot hardness, chemical stability, wear resistance, and toughness while also improving tool life or contact time. Cryogenic treatment of cutting tools has been proven to be a good way for increasing the contact time of any cutting tool material. This study presents the results of turning alloy steel (EN24 grade) using P20 grade carbide inserts under various conditions under continuous machining. Cutting speeds varied from 100 to 500 m/min (in increments of 100 m/min), with feed rates ranging from 0.1 to 0.4 mm/rev in stages of 0.1 mm/rev and a constant radial depth of cut of 1.5 mm were considered under dry machining conditions. Cryogenic treated/coated inserts are better than other inserts in terms of tool life for optimized parameters such as cutting speed 100 m/min, feed rate 0.1 mm/rev, and depth of cut 1.5 mm, according to the study's findings. Under similar conditions of cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut, coated/cryotreated inserts had a tool life increase of about 97.5% over uncoated/untreated inserts, a 50.58% increase over uncoated/crytreated inserts, and a 23.89% increase over coated and untreated inserts, respectively.

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