Jincheng Zhong, Yingxian Zhang, Xinlin Chen, Shen Tong, Xiangquan Deng, Jie Huang, Zhenhui Li, Chi Zhang, Zhiang Gao, Jia Li, Ping Qiu, Ke Wang

In vivo deep brain multiphoton fluorescence imaging emitting at NIR‐I and NIR‐II and excited at NIR‐IV

  • General Physics and Astronomy
  • General Engineering
  • General Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemistry

AbstractMultiphoton microscopy (MPM) enables deep brain imaging. Three optical windows: NIR‐I, NIR‐II, and NIR‐III are widely used. Recently, NIR‐IV (the 2200 nm window) has been demonstrated to be the last and longest window for deep tissue MPM. However, so far MPM covers only two optical windows labeled by single fluorescent probe, one for emission and one for excitation. Here we demonstrate in vivo deep brain MPM covering three optical windows, with emission at NIR‐I, NIR‐II, and excitation at NIR‐IV, labeled by ICG. The innovations include: (1) characterizing both 3‐photon excitation and emission properties of ICG emitting at both NIR‐I and NIR‐II, in water, plasma, and circulating blood; (2) a home‐built multiphoton microscope with simultaneous dual channel detection, with which we demonstrate deep brain MPM 950 μm (NIR‐I) and 850 μm (NIR‐II) into the mouse brain in vivo, verifying that multi‐optical window MPM is promising for deep brain imaging.

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