Fan Zhang, Akio Yoshinaka, Robert C. Ripley

Hetero‐blast from a structural reactive material cylinder under explosive loading

  • General Chemical Engineering
  • General Chemistry

AbstractA structural reactive material (SRM) cylinder is considered here as a limiting case of a dense metallic energetic system in which a mixture of metal particles is consolidated to the theoretical maximum density excluding porosity, to possess both high energy density and mechanical strength. Dynamic fragmentation and free‐field explosion of a 103 mm inner diameter SRM cylinder charge is experimentally studied, with a wall thickness varying in a range of metal‐to‐explosive mass ratio M/C=1.3 to 4.0. Under explosive loading, the SRM cylinder produces a designated fragment size distribution divided into two groups: fine fragments with sizes on the order of 102 μm and below, and coarse fragments with sizes on the order ranging between 100‐101 mm. Prompt detonation shock‐induced reaction (DSIR) of the expanding cloud of high‐concentration fine fragments supplements the energy to enhance the primary blast as it propagates, while the coarse fragments form a high‐speed, high‐concentration metal momentum flux crossing the fireball and blast front to contribute to the total impulse loading to a nearby structure. Rapid impact‐induced reaction (IIR) of the secondary fragments from high‐speed coarse SRM fragments further enhances the reflected blast loading or generates a high interior explosion pressure as fragments perforate into the structure. The above distinctive characteristics of a unique hetero‐blast are coupled effectively in the near‐field range.

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