Tong Wu, Zhuo Liu, Tong Yu, Rong Zhou, Qihang Yang, Rui Cao, Fulei Nie, Xiao Ma, Yun Bai, Xiaoming Song

Flowering genes identification, network analysis and database construction for 837 plants

  • Horticulture
  • Plant Science
  • Genetics
  • Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology

Abstract Flowering is one of the most important biological phenomena in the plant kingdom, which not only has important ecological significance, but also has substantial horticultural ornamental value. In this study, we undertook an exhaustive review of the advancements in our understanding of plant flowering genes. We delved into the identification and conducted comparative analyses of flowering genes across virtually all sequenced angiosperm plant genomes. Furthermore, we established an extensive angiosperm flowering atlas, encompassing a staggering 183,720 genes across eight pathways, along with 10,155 ABCDE mode genes, which play a pivotal role in plant flowering regulation. Through the examination of expression patterns, we unveiled the specificities of these flowering genes. An interaction network between flowering genes of the ABCDE model and their corresponding upstream genes offered a blueprint for comprehending their regulatory mechanisms. Moreover, we predicted the miRNA and target genes linked to the flowering processes of each species. To culminate our efforts, we have built a user-friendly web interface, named the 'Plant Flowering-time Gene Database' (PFGD), accessible at We firmly believe that this database will serve as a cornerstone in the global research community, facilitating the in-depth exploration of flowering genes in the plant kingdom. In summation, this pioneering endeavor represents the first comprehensive collection and comparative analysis of flowering genes in plants, offering valuable resources for the study of plant flowering genetics.

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