DOI: 10.46222/pharosjot.104.2027 ISSN:

Experience of legal formation of interfaith relations in the context of European integration and globalization processes

Valeriy Kolyukh, Roman Shestopalov, Oleksii Kovtun, Yurii Taraban, Maryna Dei
  • Philosophy
  • Religious studies
  • Archeology

The integration process in European states inevitably requires developing a unified system of legislation and, consequently, actualizes the search for a unifying vector for a new model of common European law. The social system of values, formed under the substantial influence of religion, has become such a vector. In the context of integration processes, religion represents a determinative factor that forms the common public consciousness of the nations where interfaith organizations are important social institutions that carry out activities aimed at supporting their religious and some international state initiatives. This article aims to analyze the activities of interfaith organizations in the context of political and legal integration in Europe and to determine the influence of the religious factor on the globalization processes. The authors of this article analyzed a set of legal instruments and mechanisms for ensuring European integration based on the religious community. The article puts forward the hypothesis that the effective integration process requires the rule of law and the mechanism of legal regulation of social relations to proceed from a single system of values formed in the conditions of unity of perception of the spiritual and material world.