DOI: 10.1177/04866134231186461 ISSN:

Comments on Jessica Gordon-Nembhard’s “Black Political Economy, Solidarity Economics, and Liberation: Toward an Economy of Caring and Abundance”

Linwood Tauheed
  • Economics and Econometrics
  • Philosophy

This is an immanent discussion of the paper presented by Professor Jessica Gordon-Nembhard for the 2023 David Gordon Memorial Lecture given at the Allied Social Science Association annual meeting, Union of Radical Political Economy session. The discussion is organized around eight references (excluding Gordon-Nembhard) cited in the paper. These references represent specific theoretical perspectives and practical experiences in the fields of political economy, Black political economy, and Black feminist political economy, as well as psychology and cultural studies. The goal is to place this article and the work of Gordon-Nembhard within a variety of political economy and interdisciplinary traditions, and highlight its importance.

JEL Classifications: B40, B55, P51

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