DOI: 10.2478/jsiot-2022-0004 ISSN: 2956-8323

Enhancing Handwritten Alphabet Prediction with Real-time IoT Sensor Integration in Machine Learning for Image

Rohan Gautam, Anurag Sinha, Hassan Raza Mahmood, Neetu Singh, Shehroz Ahmed, Nitasha Rathore, Himanshu Bansal, Mohammad Shahid Raza


Handwriting Recognition (HWR) is a difficult and varied discipline having applications in a wide range of fields, including banking, education, and administration. This research investigates the two main types of HWR systems: online and offline character recognition. Online HWR entails real-time input utilizing digital pens to capture dynamic handwriting traits. It’s used in contemporary gadgets like tablet computers and for signature verification. Offline HWR, on the other hand, processes scanned documents, making it important in situations such as bank cheque processing and assisting the visually handicapped. The research emphasizes the continuing potential for progress in HWR, notably using machine learning and deep learning approaches. Machine learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is critical in developing character recognition algorithms. The selection of an effective classification model is a vital decision, and the study uses a specific dataset to conduct a comparison analysis of alternative models to help in this process. Such assessments provide useful insights for academics and practitioners, allowing them to make more informed judgements on model development for HWR applications.

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