Egor Neborsky, Mikhail Boguslavsky, Tatiana Naumova

Digital University Concept: Structure, Management, and Pedagogical Process Organization

  • Management of Technology and Innovation

The research focuses on the concept of a digital university, its structure and management, as well as the arrangement of the educational process. According to an examination of academic papers, approaches to the establishment of a digital university may be classified into two broad categories: a digital university as a commercial model and a digital university as a public benefit. The authors propose a notion of a digital university using an integrative approach, merging four interdependent elements: digital format, digital environment, digital resources, and digital platform. A digital format is a type of combination of digital technology (a form of interaction) and content (an act of interaction). The digital environment is a space where interaction takes place. Digital resources are tools for activating the concept of a digital university (used by participants). A digital platform is an algorithm; a method of implementing the concept of a digital university (interaction implementation); and a platform for interaction (a structure where interaction occurs). The authors have created a digital university mana­gement structure by fusing the notion of a digital university with traditional management theory, which includes forecasting, planning, organization, incentive, coordination, and control for formulating and attaining the institution’s aim. As a fundamental strategy of managing the digital transformation of universities, the researchers propose an inclusion policy and an ecosystem approach. The authors have also developed a pedagogical activity model in the context of higher education digitalization, which encompasses educational process organization, teaching, value exchange, extracurricular activities, research activities, self-education, and advanced training. The study also examines future development potential, with the ultimate goal of realizing the university 4.0 concept.

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