DOI: 10.3390/buildings14030747 ISSN: 2075-5309

Development of a BIM Platform for the Design of Single-Story Steel Structure Factories

Dejiang Wang, Haojie Lu
  • Building and Construction
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Architecture

Traditional design methods for single-story steel structure factories are characterized by low levels of digitalization and high error rates. To deal with these problems, a building information modeling (BIM) platform for the design of single-story steel structure factories was developed in this paper, which aimed to improve the design process for such structures. Firstly, the components of the factory were categorized, and the Revit API was employed to automate the generation of the BIM model. Load applications and combinations were then established using the Revit API, which relied on a set of predefined parameters. Secondly, this paper proposed the creation of a dedicated database for data exchange between BIM software and finite element analysis software. Additionally, the SAP2000 Open Application Programming Interface (OAPI) was employed for the automated construction and analysis of the SAP2000 structural model. Finally, the innovative use of Dynamo–Revit API hybrid programming allowed for the visualization of internal forces directly within the Revit environment, significantly diminishing the dependency on standalone FEA software. The application results obtained on a project demonstrated that the developed platform markedly improves the efficiency of design single-story steel structure factories and ensures the accuracy of the structural analysis. This confirms that the developed platform can transform the traditional design process by integrating advanced digital tools, thereby providing a novel approach to the design of single-story steel structure factories.

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