Michael P Eaton, Sergiy M Nadtochiy, Tatsiana Stefanos, Brian J Anderson

Dabigatran pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic in sheep: Informing dose for anticoagulation during cardiopulmonary bypass

  • Advanced and Specialized Nursing
  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Safety Research
  • Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and imaging
  • General Medicine

Background The effect of the anticoagulant, dabigatran, and its antagonist, idarucizumab, on coagulation remains poorly quantified. There are few pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic data available to determine dabigatran dose in humans or animals undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass. Methods Five sheep were given intravenous dabigatran 4 mg/kg. Blood samples were collected for thromboelastometric reaction time (R-time) and drug assay at 5, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240, 480 min, and 24 h. Plasma dabigatran concentrations and R-times were analyzed using an integrated pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic model using non-linear mixed effects. The impact of idarucizumab 15 mg/kg administered 120 min after dabigatran 4 mg/kg and its effect on R-time was observed. Results A 2-compartment model described dabigatran pharmacokinetics with a clearance (CL 0.0453 L/min/70 kg), intercompartment clearance (Q 0.268 L/min/70 kg), central volume of distribution (V1 2.94 L/70 kg), peripheral volume of distribution (V2 9.51 L/70 kg). The effect compartment model estimates for a sigmoid EMAX model using Reaction time had an effect site concentration (Ce50 64.2 mg/L) eliciting half of the maximal effect (EMAX 180 min). The plasma-effect compartment equilibration half time (T1/2keo) was 1.04 min. Idarucizumab 15 mg/kg reduced R-time by approximately 5 min. Conclusions Dabigatran reversibly binds to the active site on the thrombin molecule, preventing activation of coagulation factors. The pharmacologic target concentration strategy uses pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic information to inform dose. A loading dose of dabigatran 0.25 mg/kg followed by a maintenance infusion of dabigatran 0.0175 mg/kg/min for 30 min and a subsequent infusion dabigatran 0.0075 mg/kg/min achieves a steady state target concentration of 5 mg/L in a sheep model.

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