DOI: 10.1002/adsr.202300204 ISSN: 2751-1219

Cutting‐Edge Technology for Early Intervention in Myocardial Infarction: Portable Fingertips‐Based Immunobiosensor

Zhichao Yu, Di Wu, Yuan Gao, Yunsen Wang, Yongyi Zeng, Dianping Tang, Xiaolong Liu


Early intervention in acute myocardial infarction can minimize myocardial damage and improve patient survival. Herein, a low‐cost device‐free portable immunobiosensing platform for flexible monitoring of immediate myocardial infarction is reported. CuS‐Pt nanofragments (CuS‐Pt NFs) with high photothermal conversion efficiency (≈26.41%) are synthesized by liquid‐phase polarity‐mediated synthesis. The CuS NFs are loaded in situ with platinum (Pt) nanoreactors using a solvothermal reduction strategy, which is employed to enhance the efficiency of gas production. The resulting CuS‐Pt nanocatalysts are encapsulated within liposomes for signal cascade amplification. Specifically, cardiac troponin I (cTn I), a target biomarker in serum, is captured on pre‐modified microtiter plates and formed into a classical sandwich model. The thermo‐chemically kinetically enhanced CuS‐Pt reactor is released through a one‐step chemical treatment and transferred to a closed gas generator. Under the excitation of a near‐infrared laser emitter, the internal pressure in the gas generator device increases with time and drives the carbon quantum dot solution in the connected hose. The moving distance shows a correlation with the target concentration. This work provides a new implementation for the development of low‐cost, efficient pressure immunosensors without the requirement of a readout device.

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