DOI: 10.1002/ird3.66 ISSN: 2834-2860

Current progress and future perspectives in total‐body PET imaging, part I: Data processing and analysis

Tao Sun, Ruohua Chen, Jianjun Liu, Yun Zhou


Total‐body positron emission tomography (TB‐PET) has ultra‐high sensitivity and the unique ability to conduct dynamic imaging of the entire body. Both the hardware configuration and the data acquired from a TB‐PET scanner differ from those of the conventional short axial field‐of‐view scanners. Therefore, various aspects concerning data processing need careful consideration when implementing TB‐PET in clinical settings. Additionally, advances in data analysis are needed to fully uncover the potential of these systems. Although some progress has been achieved, further research and innovation in scan data management are necessary. In this report, we provide a comprehensive overview of the current progress, challenges, and possible future directions for TB‐PET data processing and analysis. For a review of clinical applications, please find the other review accompanying this paper.

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