DOI: 10.5406/21518009.49.2.03 ISSN: 0736-0770

Craft as Care-Full Correspondence

Amber Ward, Jennifer Harness Wilkinson
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality


Two art educators introduce craft as a communal, political, and feminist art practice when pairing it with care-full correspondence as a method for artistic research and critical reflection. Exemplified through a series of embroidered handkerchiefs, they initiate biographical interviews between them on topics like material engagement, physical and virtual correspondence, women's work, and pandemic times, all while contemplating responsiveness in the slowness of stitching. Relevant backstories and scholarship are stitched between interview questions and responses followed by a recommendation for art educators that aims to push back against neoliberal ways of being artists and making art that do not serve us.

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