DOI: 10.3390/wevj14080200 ISSN: 2032-6653

Coordinated Control Method for Lateral Stability and Differential Power-Assisted Steering of In-Wheel Motor Drive Electric Vehicles

Xinlong Cheng, Te Chen, Junmin Li, Junchang Wang
  • Automotive Engineering

In order to improve the lateral stability and handling performance of in-wheel motor drive electric vehicles, a coordinated control method considering lateral stability and differential power-assisted steering performance is proposed. A vehicle dynamics model with two degrees of freedom is established, in which the influence of system disturbance is considered. At the same time, the effect of differential torque on vehicle power-assisted steering control was analyzed, and a differential power-assisted steering control method of vehicle was designed based on referenced steering wheel torque. In response to the coupling relationship and dynamic game problem between the lateral stability control system and the differential power-assisted steering control system, a coordinated control system with a vehicle lateral stability module and a differential power-assisted steering module was designed based on the Nash equilibrium game theory, achieving comprehensive optimization of multi-objective performance. Corresponding simulation tests were conducted in the co-simulation vehicle model, and the results show that the proposed coordinated control method can achieve the differential power-assisted steering control function of vehicle while ensuring lateral stability.

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