DOI: 10.4271/10-07-03-0023 ISSN: 2380-2162

A Review of Dynamic State Estimation for the Neighborhood System of Connected Vehicles

Yan Wang, Henglai Wei, Lie Yang, Binbin Hu, Chen Lv
  • Control and Optimization
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Computational Mechanics

<div>Precise vehicle state and the surrounding traffic information are essential for decision-making and dynamic control of intelligent connected vehicles. Tremendous research efforts have been devoted to developing state estimation techniques. This work investigates the research progress in this field over recent years. To be able to describe the state of multiple traffic elements uniformly, the concept of a vehicle neighborhood system is proposed to describe the system composed of vehicles and their surrounding traffic elements and to distinguish it from the traditional macroscopic traffic research field. In this work, the vehicle neighborhood system consists of three main traffic elements: the host vehicle, the preceding vehicle, and the road. Therefore, a review of state estimation methods for the vehicle neighborhood system is presented around the three traffic objects mentioned earlier. This article performs a comprehensive analysis of these approaches and depicts their strengths and drawbacks. In addition, future research directions on the state estimation of the vehicle neighborhood system are further discussed.</div>

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