DOI: 10.1111/edt.12875 ISSN: 1600-4469

Comparison of characteristics of kick‐ and electric‐scooter‐related dental and maxillofacial injuries: A retrospective study

Misun Kwak, Yon‐joo Mah
  • Oral Surgery



Owing to the nearly three‐year‐long COVID‐19 pandemic, small personal transportation devices that allow for greater freedom of movement within the cities have gained attention. Therefore, the number of people using kick or electric scooters has increased. This study aimed to compare the characteristics of kick and electric scooter‐related dental and maxillofacial trauma and provide helpful information for preventing scooter accidents, appropriate treatment of patients with scooter‐related trauma, and policy establishment.

Materials and Methods

This retrospective observational study analysed the medical records of 310 patients who visited the emergency room of Ajou University Dental Hospital for kick and electric scooter‐related oral and maxillofacial injuries between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2022. Sex, age, scooter type, time, and mechanism of the accident, helmet use, alcohol consumption, dental and maxillofacial injury types, and treatment were analysed.


The average age in the kick‐scooter group (5.71 ± 4.25) was lower than that in the electric‐scooter group (28.24 ± 10.02) (p < .0001). There were more males in both groups. The helmet usage rates of the two groups were 2.80% and 7.88%, respectively. In the kick‐scooter group, periodontal damage was more common than pulp injury, while in the electric‐scooter group, pulp injury was more common than periodontal injury. There was no significant difference in soft‐tissue damage between the two groups; however, bone fractures occurred significantly more frequently in the electric‐scooter group (p < .0001).


Electric scooters cause more crown and bone fractures than kick scooters and require more active treatment of dental and maxillofacial injuries. Riders should use protective equipment to prevent dental and maxillofacial injury. Although there are regulations related to scooters, the effectiveness of both kick‐ and electric‐scooter related laws needs to be evaluated.

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