DOI: 10.1002/mgg3.2281 ISSN:

Clinical analysis of Gabriele‐de Vries caused by YY1 mutations and literature review

Jingjing Yang, Chaonan Yu, Nan Lyn, Lei Liu, Dongxiao Li, Qing Shang
  • Genetics (clinical)
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology



Gabriele‐de Vries syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant genetic disease characterized by global development delay/intellectual disability, delayed language development, feeding difficulties, and distinctive facial dysmorphism. It is caused by pathogenic variants in YY1.


The current report describes a female patient with motor delay and a facial dysmorphism phenotype. We identified pathogenic mutations in the patient by whole‐exome sequencing and confirmed them by Sanger sequencing.


A novel heterozygous frameshift mutation NM_003403.5:c.458_476del (p. V153fs*97) in the YY1 gene was detected in the proband. Finally, we provide a case‐based review of the clinical features associated with Gabriele‐de Vries syndrome. A total of 28 patients with genetic abnormalities and clinical phenotypes have been reported in the literature thus far.


The mutation site is reported for the first time, and its discovery would expand the mutation spectrum of the YY1 gene. The main clinical manifestations of Gabriele‐de Vries syndrome are developmental delay/intellectual disability, craniofacial dysplasia, intrauterine growth delay, low birth weight, feeding difficulties, and rare congenital malformations. Genetic tests are crucial techniques for its diagnosis because of its nonspecific clinical manifestations.

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