DOI: 10.4103/0972-9062.392258 ISSN: 0972-9062

Circulating Serotypes & Genotypes of Dengue Virus in North India: an observational study

O Prakash, AK Verma, A Paliwal, F Abbas, A Srivastava, V Mishra, S Radera, A Jain
  • Infectious Diseases
  • General Medicine
  • Parasitology


Background & objectives:

This study reports observation on circulating serotypes & genotypes of Dengue Virus in North India.


Serum samples were obtained from suspected cases of dengue referred to the virus diagnostic laboratory during 2014 to 2022. All samples were tested for anti-dengue virus IgM antibodies and NS1Ag by ELISA. NS1Ag positive samples were processed for serotyping & genotyping.


Total 41,476 dengue suspected cases were referred to the laboratory of which 12,292 (29.6%) tested positive. Anti-Dengue Virus IgM antibodies, NS1Ag, both IgM and NS1Ag, were positive in 7,007 (57.4%); 3,200 (26.0%) and 2,085 (16.0%) cases respectively. Total 762 strains were serotyped during 9 year period. DV1, DV2, DV3 and DV4 serotypes were found in 79 (10.37%), 506 (66.40%), 151 (19.82%) and 26 (3.41%) cases respectively. DV-1, DV-2 & DV-3 were in circulation through out. Total 105 strains were genotyped. Genotype IV of DV-1 serotype was circulating till 2014 which was later replaced by genotype V. A distinct seasonality with increase in number of cases in post monsoon period was seen.

Interpretation & conclusion:

DV-1, DV-2 & DV-3 were found to be in circulation in North India. Predominant serotype/genotype changed at times, but not at regular intervals.

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