DOI: 10.2174/0118715257250153231011062855 ISSN: 1871-5257

Chemistry, Biological Properties, and Bio-Analysis of Tafamidis, a New Transthyretin Stabilizer: A Systematic Review

Nikhil Agarwal, Jasira Sultan, Sanjay Sharma
  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Hematology


Cardiomyopathy is a global health crisis that affects people all over the world. Consequently, scientists felt compelled to look for and develop ever-more-powerful pharmaceuticals. For ATTR-CM, the only drug currently recommended by the European Society of Cardiology is Tafamidis.


The primary aim of this review article is to understand the chemistry, pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, and bio-analytical methods available for Tafamidis


A systematic review of the existing resources was accomplished up to 2022, comprising existing studies forming the database covering the existing resources from Web of Science, ScienceDirect, and PubMed.


The review was based on a systematic review of all the existing studies used to formulate the database. The study also illustrated the PRISMA design that systematically analyses the prevalent resources.


Minimal analytical techniques are observed for quantifying the Tafamidis and transthyretin kinetic stabiliser. Therapeutic, pharmacological, and analytical considerations for the novel drug Tafamidis are discussed in this review. Particular attention is paid to the many different analytical and bioanalytical methods currently available for estimating Tafamidis, and the need is highlighted to develop a straightforward, validated technique that meets green chemistry standards.

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