Kyoko Oshiro, Shozo Okochi, Junko Nakashima, Tomoko Hirano, Shuichi Ohe, Hideki Kojima, Mitsunori Nishikawa

Changes in care managers’ positive attitudes toward dying patients compared to that of nurses by one-day online advance care planning communication training

  • Advanced and Specialized Nursing

Background: Culturally appropriate communication training programs for a wide range of professions that can be used during infection epidemics are crucial for advance care planning implementation. Starting in 2018, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare made a major policy change, and doctors, nurses, and social workers, and care managers were identified in the guidelines as the professions that promote advance care planning. Motivated by the lack of online programs for Japanese care managers, we proposed a new one-day program. Objectives: This study aimed to determine the changes in the positive attitude of care managers toward dying patients compared to that of nurses, which has been used in past literature as an outcome of advance care planning educational interventions, after administering the program in Japan. Design: Before-after comparison study. Methods: Care managers were recruited through our website, ACP-Piece, . A questionnaire survey concerning positive attitudes toward dying patients was administered before and after the program on 28 August 2021. Sixty-six subjects participated in the training and 60 participants, including 14 care managers, consented to the study and completed the questionnaire surveys before and after the program. Results: The Frommelt attitude toward care of the dying scores for care managers increased after the program ( p-values, confidence intervals, and effect sizes: p < 0.001, −11.90 to −4.388, −1.252). After training, care managers had a significantly higher maximum score occurrence than nurses. Older care managers with advance care planning experience may have had a higher maximum score occurrence compared to younger, inexperienced participants. Conclusion: To our knowledge, this is the first to demonstrate the increased positive attitude scores toward dying patients after online communication training for Japanese care managers. The limitations of this study include the lack of evidence regarding reasons for score changes, long-term score changes, and effectiveness for patients and their families.

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