DOI: 10.3390/targets2010001 ISSN: 2813-3137

Cell-Surface Glycan Labeling and Sensing

Yiran Li, Lele Wang, Lin Ding, Huangxian Ju

Cell-surface glycans are abundant and complex and play a critical role in maintaining protein stability, regulating cell behavior, and participating in cell communication. Obtaining structural information on glycans in situ is helpful to further understand the role of glycans in the physiological and pathological processes of cells and the regulatory mechanism. To achieve this, we can use recognition or labeling strategies to convert the presence of glycans on the cell surface into signals that can be detected. Currently, many different types of in situ sensing strategies for glycans have been developed. The spatial control of the conversion process can realize the restriction of glycan detection to specific proteins, and the introduction of signal amplification technology into the conversion process can improve the sensitivity of sensing. In this paper, the recent progress of glycan labeling methods and sensing technology is reviewed, and the future development direction is prospected.

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