DOI: 10.47992/ijpl.2583.9934.0010 ISSN: 2583-9934

An Evaluation of the Partition Narratives: A Special Focus on Psychological Trauma

B. G. Uma Maheswary, A. Lourdusamy

Purpose: Indian literature in English has dealt with partition for a long time. Many heartbreaking stories and accounts of partition continue to be written and discussed, and the blame game is still not over. The event was an unparalleled catastrophe in recent history that affected Sikhs, Sindhis, Hindus, Punjabis, and Bengalis in particular. This article discusses the extremely complicated topic of partition, which includes politics of greed, the abdication of authority, and male and female suffering during and after the split. The topic has been the subject of numerous regional and English-language books. The goal of this research paper is to examine literary works on the topic of partition. It examines selected texts that shed light on women’s lived experiences of the traumatic events that occurred during Partition. In an effort to comprehend the diverse nature of the trauma women endured during Partition, it attempts to connect these texts. Design: The information for the article comes from secondary sources like national and international publications and peer-reviewed journals. For the purpose of determining the research gap, online resources and research resources like Google Scholar, Research Gate, SSRN, Elsevier, Academia, and Shodhganga are utilized. ABCD analysis is used to draw attention to the most important aspects of the research. To carry out the proposed research, data are gathered from research journals, doctoral theses, scholarly articles, and websites. The methodology relies primarily on gathering, analyzing, and interpreting prior knowledge, with an emphasis on the keywords Partition Literature in India. Trauma Theory, Traumatic Stress and Women trauma of the chosen topic. The APA Manual was used to conduct the study’s analyses in accordance with its requirements. Findings: It has been comprehended the dynamics of partition and its impact on disadvantaged groups, particularly women. It discusses how novels about Partition depict trauma. Originality value: The proposed study focuses primarily on the psychological trauma of the partition victims. Paper Type: Research Article

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