DOI: 10.53479/35713 ISSN: 1695-9086

Cash use, access and acceptance in Spain: An analysis drawing on the 2023 Study on Cash Use Habits

Lorena Barreiro, Laura Ferrando, Diana Posada


The Study on Cash Use Habits compiles valuable information on means of payment. This data can be used to assess the relevance of cash as a payment method and the prospects for its use going forward.


•In 2023, 65% of the Spanish population used cash on a daily basis, while 60% said it remained their main means of payment at physical points of sale (POS).

•Cash remains widely used in Spain, with its demand shaped by various factors: the availability of non-cash alternatives, user preferences, ease of access and level of acceptance.

•Looking ahead, consumer expectations indicate a moderate shift in payment habits towards digital methods.

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