DOI: 10.1002/mog2.62 ISSN: 2769-6448

Cancer stem cells: Signaling pathways and therapeutic targeting

Joyeeta Talukdar, Tryambak P. Srivastava, Om S. Sahoo, Abhibroto Karmakar, Avdhesh K. Rai, Anupam Sarma, Gayatri Gogoi, Mohammed S. Alqahtani, Mohamed Abbas, Ruby Dhar, Subhradip Karmakar


Cancer stem cells (CSCs) constitute a minority cell population characterized by unbounded proliferative potential in both solid and hematological cancers. Despite sharing key stem cell attributes, CSCs possess unique traits, including the initiation and propagation of tumors and resistance to conventional therapies. The purpose of this review is to delve into the origins and fundamental characteristics of CSCs, emphasizing their role in tumor growth and metastasis. The focus extends to unraveling cellular signaling pathways driving oncogenic processes and understanding aberrant cellular crosstalk crucial for targeted cancer therapies. Beginning with an exploration of CSC properties and behavior, we progress to dissecting the cellular signaling network that fuels oncogenic pathways. The discussion spans the inception of CSCs, their survival strategies, and adaptation to new environments. We then transit to recent therapeutic advancements targeting CSCs, culminating in an exploration for precise therapeutic targeting. This review henceforth, underscores the vital significance of comprehending CSCs in cancer progression and treatment resistance. By unraveling the complex signaling pathways and survival mechanisms unique to CSCs, it paves the way for targeted therapeutic strategies that hold immense promise in enhancing cancer treatment efficacy while minimizing collateral damage.

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