DOI: 10.1002/ajoc.202300506 ISSN: 2193-5807

C7‐Regioselective C−H Fluorination of Benzotriazole Amides and Sulfonamides with NFSI under Metal‐Free Conditions

Chengqian Li, Shengyu Fan, Zhuo Wang, Zhiguang Song
  • Organic Chemistry


The first metal‐free catalyzed C−H selective fluorination of benzotriazole amides and sulfonamide derivatives was achieved at the C‐7 position using NFSI (N‐fluorobenzenesulfonymide) as the fluorine source. The control experiment showed that the reaction underwent a free radical process that tolerated an excellent range of substrates with mild to good yields (>46 examples, yield up to 71 %).

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