DOI: 10.56554/jtom.1142729 ISSN: 2630-6433

Book depreciation methods under intuitionistic fuzzy environment

In general, depreciation is the monetary value of wear and tear on capital goods inherited from previous years while creating goods and services as a result of production activities. The subject of depreciation is the addition of the loss of value that will occur in the economic values that are thought to be used in a company for more than one year. The most common depreciations methods, straight-line method, declining balance method, and unit-of-production method, are almost always handled with crisp numbers in the literature. However, the uncertainty in the parameters such as initial invest cost, salvage value, and useful life, requires the usage of fuzzy sets to represent the vagueness in these values more realistically. For this purpose, in this study, the depreciation methods are developed under intuitionistic fuzzy environment. The main contribution of this paper to the literature is that it presents the depreciation methods under intuitionistic environment with new equations for the first time. The proposed models are applied to an autonomous trolley problem to illustrate the given approach.

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