DOI: 10.54187/jnrs.1369105 ISSN: 1304-7981

Bonferroni arithmetic mean operator of trapezoidal fuzzy multi numbers and its decision-making application to crafting the ideal student dormitory

İrfan DELİ, Davut KESEN
Trapezoidal fuzzy multi-numbers (TFM-numbers) are widely used in the decision-making process when choosing among various potential values for alternatives. In this context, we present a methodology for multiple attribute decision-making problems in terms of TFM-numbers. This is why we have developed an aggregation technique known as the TFM-Bonferroni arithmetic mean operator. This operator is utilized to aggregate information represented by TFM-numbers. We then gave an examination of its properties and discussed its special cases. Furthermore, we introduce an approach designed to tackle multiple attribute decision-making as part of TFM environments. We subsequently apply this approach to solve multi-attribute decision-making problems. To illustrate its practicality, we provide an example in daily life. Finally, we offer an analysis table that facilitates a comparative evaluation of our proposed approach against existing methods.

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