DOI: 10.1002/cc.20612 ISSN: 0194-3081

Blurring the lines to promote access and equity in 2‐ and 4‐year Hispanic serving institutions

Denisse M. Hinojosa, Emily P. Bonner, Heidi Hunt, Bailey Devine
  • General Materials Science


Partnerships between two‐ and four‐year Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) can provide high‐quality, in‐depth learning experiences for traditionally underserved students. Blurring the lines between these institutions allows for more seamless transitions for prospective teachers (PTs), and maximum collaboration and program impact. This article contributes to the growing literature on such partnerships and collaborations. We describe how our partnership between Northwest Vista College (2‐year institution) and University of Texas at San Antonio (4‐year institution) supported PTs and their development of mathematics pedagogical content knowledge and skills to facilitate in diverse settings (i.e., mathematics sensemaking, questioning, teaching through problem solving, soft teaching skills). To describe the nature of our partnership, in this article we (1) explain some of the main elements of the partnership between the two‐ and four‐year campuses, (2) review the unique, collaborative nature of the Community Mathematics Project, and (3) discuss outcomes that have resulted among Mathematics Fellows who have gone through the program.

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