DOI: 10.1002/bte2.20230049 ISSN: 2768-1696

Beyond metal–air battery, emerging aqueous metal–hydrogen peroxide batteries with improved performance

Jiehua Liu, Meng Zhou, Ke Jin, Jun Li, Fancheng Meng, Xiangfeng Wei


The aqueous metal–H2O2 batteries have been paid rapidly increasing attention due to their large theoretical energy densities, attractive power density, and multiple applications (air, land, and sea), especially in low‐content oxygen or nonoxygen conditions in which metal–air cells are out of work. However, the requirements of metal–H2O2 batteries are different due to the order of metal activities (Mg > Al > Zn) as well as metal–air cells. Aqueous metal–H2O2 batteries mainly include Al–H2O2, Mg–H2O2, and Zn–H2O2 batteries with the respective scientific problems, including battery structures, single/dual‐electrolyte systems, electrocatalysts for O2 reduction/evolution reactions, H2O2 reduction/production/decomposition, and the designability of anode to inhibit self‐corrosion. In this review, we summarized battery architectures, possible mechanisms, and recent progress in metal–H2O2 batteries, including Al–H2O2, Mg–H2O2, and Zn–H2O2 batteries. Several perspectives are also provided for these research fields, which may be focused on in the future.

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