DOI: 10.1115/1.4058458 ISSN: 0097-6822

Balancing Factors in the Use and Obligations Covering Ownership of Freight-Train Cars

L. K. Sillcox


In this paper the author discusses the development of railroad equipment to dale and points out some of the principles to be observed if railroads would continue to expand and become more efficient transportation agents.

The functions of transportation are first defined, following which is a general discussion of the limitations of railroad capacity because of terminal facilities. Terminal expenses also are treated at some length. There is a discussion of the slow-freight problem and recommendations for speeding up traffic are made. The matter of attaining the greatest utilization of equipment and materials is emphasized and recommendations made. Under this part of the paper the latest methods of car and locomotive repair are mentioned and their effect on the movement of freight emphasized. A very important part of the paper deals with the depreciation and retirement factors. A discussion of the aspects of design shows the great opportunity of engineers to assist in the solution of the problem of transportation by providing better equipment that will not require frequent repairs and which will, consequently, spend more time in actual service. In this connection the importance of standardization is emphasized.

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