DOI: 10.1115/1.4058444 ISSN: 0097-6822

Aspects of Steam Power in Relation to a Hydro Supply

A. H. Markwart


Steam power, in a regional power system having a hydro supply as its basis, either because it was started that way or because fuel may for a time have been costly, has greater significance than is generally conceded. Steam power becomes increasingly important as hydro sources become more remote and costly of development; as the annual load factor may tend to lower; as the public may demand higher standards of service; as those manufactures requiring greater continuity of service may grow; as hydro generating and transmission units may increase in capacity; as stream-flow plants without storage regulation become more numerous; and as cyclic changes in water run-off, becoming revealed, may indicate hydro deficiency.

Briefly, steam power is needed

1 To effect the best system economy

2 For stand-by

3 For meeting the seasonal hydro deficiency during the short-water period on non-regulated streams

4 For meeting the dry-year hydro deficiency.

The above phases, together with hydro capacity and cost of power, are broadly discussed in what follows.

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