Yasser Farid, Luis Fernando Botero Gutierrez, Socorro Ortiz, Sabrina Gallego, Juan Carlos Zambrano, Humberto Uribe Morrelli, Alfredo Patron

Artificial Intelligence in Plastic Surgery: Insights from Plastic Surgeons, Education Integration, ChatGPT’s Survey Predictions, and the Path Forward

  • Surgery
  • General Medicine

Background: Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a transformative technology with potential applications in various plastic surgery procedures and plastic surgery education. This article examines the views of plastic surgeons and residents on the role of AI in the field of plastic surgery. Methods: A 34-question survey on AI’s role in plastic surgery was distributed to 564 plastic surgeons worldwide, and we received responses from 153 (26.77%) with the majority from Latin America. The survey explored various aspects such as current AI experience, attitudes toward AI, data sources, ethical considerations, and future prospects of AI in plastic surgery and education. Predictions from AI using ChatGPT for each question were compared with the actual survey responses. Results: The study found that most participants had little or no prior AI experience. Although some believed AI could enhance accuracy and visualization, opinions on its impact on surgical time, patient recovery, and satisfaction were mixed. Concerns included patient privacy, data security, costs, and informed consent. Valuable AI training data sources were identified, and there was agreement on the importance of standards and transparency. Respondents expected AI’s increasing role in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, suggesting its integration into residency programs, addressing administrative challenges, and patient complications. Confidence in the enduring importance of human professionals was expressed, with interest in further AI research. Conclusion: The survey’s findings underscore the need to harness AI’s potential while preserving human professionals’ roles through informed consent, standardization, and AI education in plastic surgery.

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