DOI: 10.1115/1.4058651 ISSN: 0097-6822

Arc-Welded Pipe Lines

W. L. Warner


The conveying of liquids and gases in continuous tubes is largely a development of the past decade, and the ease with which pipe lines may be welded and laid is commending this type of construction to engineers and industrial managers. After setting forth the advantages of welded over mechanically jointed piping, the author gives examples of several classes of installation, describing in some detail a 3700-ft. 20-in. high-pressure steam main for district heating; several long lines for the transmission of steam for power purposes; a 24-in. pipe line for conveying water under 100 to 400 ft. head from the foothills to Vallejo, Calif.; and some 7 miles of mains in Pontiac, Mich., for carrying gas under 60-lb. pressure.

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