Bhuvaneshwari Shanmugam, Umashankar Marakanam Srinivasan

Aquasomes nanoformulation for controlled release of drug and improved effectiveness against bacterial infections

  • Pharmaceutical Science

Aim: The study aimed to develop and evaluate an aquasome drug-delivery system for controlled drug delivery of cefprozil monohydrate. Materials & methods: Aquasomes were prepared by the spinal method with a calcium phosphate core, sugar-coated using cellobiose and drug-loaded by adsorption. The formulations were characterized for size, morphology and drug release. An antibacterial study was conducted for Gram-positive and -negative bacteria. Results: It showed particle size of 2791.9 nm, zeta potential of -0.3 mV with good stability, and 99.08% of drug loading and drug release were controlled and prolonged, achieving 56% within 8 h and possessing potential for 100% release beyond 12 h. Conclusion: An aquasome drug-delivery system was developed for novel controlled drug delivery for pharmaceutical antibiotic therapeutics.

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