Tingting Hu, Lu Jia, Heng Li, Chunyu Yang, Yuening Yan, Huiming Lin, Feng Zhang, Fengyu Qu, Wei Guo

An Intelligent and Soluble Microneedle Composed of Bi/BiVO4 Schottky Heterojunction for Tumor Ct Imaging And Starvation/Gas Therapy‐Promoted Synergistic Cancer Treatment

  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomaterials

AbstractPhototherapy and sonodynamic therapy have been widely used for the synergistic treatment of tumors and have received considerable attention. However, an inappropriate tumor microenvironment, including pH, H2O2, oxygen, and glutathione levels, can reduce the therapeutic effects of synergistic phototherapy and sonodynamic therapy. Here, we designed a novel Bi‐based soluble microneedle for the CT imaging of breast tumors and starvation therapy/gas therapy‐enhanced phototherapy/sonodynamic therapy. The optimized Bi/BiVO4 Schottky heterojunction served as the tip of the microneedle, which not only had excellent photothermal conversion ability and CT contrast properties, but its heterojunction can also avoid the rapid combination of electrons and hole pairs, thereby enhancing the photodynamic/sonodynamic effects. A degradable microneedle with excellent mechanical properties was fabricated by optimizing the ratios of poly(vinyl alcohol), poly(vinyl pyrrolidone), and sodium hyaluronate. Glucose oxidase and diallyl trisulfide were loaded into the microneedle to achieve tumor starvation and gas therapy, respectively, and the controlled release of glucose oxidase and H2S could be achieved under ultrasound or near‐infrared laser irradiation. The in vitro and in vivo results demonstrated that this multifunctional microneedle could achieve high therapeutic efficacy through starvation therapy/gas therapy‐enhanced phototherapy/sonodynamic therapy. The designed multifunctional microneedle provides a prospective approach for synergistic phototherapy and sonodynamic therapy.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved

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