DOI: 10.60118/001c.84082 ISSN: 2691-6541

An updated analysis of the content and accessibility of hand surgery fellowship websites and fellowship directories

Scott Wu, Manish P Mehta, Alisha A Ho, Kelly H Wun, Erik B Gerlach, John Carney, Peter R Swiatek, Chirag Shah


Recent changes to the hand surgery fellowship application process and the pandemic-related transition to virtual interviews necessitate updated analyses of fellowship websites’ and directories’ content and accessibility. The study aims are to identify deficits in hand fellowship website and fellowship directory content and accessibility and compare current findings to those previously reported.


A list of all accredited hand fellowship programs was queried from the ASSH fellowship directory in January 2022. Data for each program were recorded on 38 metrics across four different categories: General Overview, Accessibility Information, Educational Information, and Recruitment Information. Fisher’s exact test was used to assess differences between categorical variables. Unpaired t-test and analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used to compare continuous variables for two or more potential predictors, respectively.


92 program websites were analyzed. Only 53 (58%) ASSH links and 12 (13%) FREIDA links directly connected users to the website, with no improvement from prior investigation. Content accuracy was poor with just 13% of websites containing updated interview date information and 11% listing obsolete paper application information. Of the 30 program websites (33%) with supplemental application requirements listed, only 5 (17%) also listed these requirements on their corresponding ASSH page. Mean educational and recruitment information scores were 6.8±2.1 and 5.0±1.5 out of 10, respectively.


Though improved, the accessibility, comprehensiveness, and accuracy of information found on hand fellowship websites remains poor and outdated. Educational content and recruitment content are largely homogenous among programs.

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