DOI: 10.1515/csh-2023-0010 ISSN: 2940-1445

An Unsupervised Learning Study on International Media Responses Bias to the War in Ukraine

Qinghao Guan, Melanie Nicole Lawi


Newspapers, as an important social media, is considered to be full of biased opinions. Whether newspapers in neutral state are neutral seems an interesting question. This research uses the topic modeling approach to probe into the aforementioned question on the basis of the Russian–Ukraine War. Comprehensively, we fully considered the results derived from LDA and Mallet and found that America and Switzerland reported more about their respective responses to the invasion and the countries involved in the war, whereas China tended to focus more on their country, negotiations and the effect on their citizens. Our results support the notion that international relations between countries affect the way that the media of the respective countries writes about each other. Further research could be on the larger datasets for improvement of comparability.

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