Carlos Fernandez‐Basso, Karel Gutiérrez‐Batista, Juan Gómez‐Romero, M. Dolores Ruiz, Maria J. Martin‐Bautista

An AI knowledge‐based system for police assistance in crime investigation

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational Theory and Mathematics
  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Control and Systems Engineering

AbstractThe fight against crime is often an arduous task overall when huge amounts of data have to be inspected, as is currently the case when it comes for example in the detection of criminal activity on the dark web. This work presents and describes an artificial intelligence (AI) based system that combines various tools to assist police or law enforcement agencies during their investigations, or at least mitigate the hard process of data collection, processing and analysis. The system is an early warning/early action system for crime investigation that supports law enforcement with different processes to collect and process data as well as having knowledge extraction tools. It helps to extract information during the investigation of a criminal case or even to detect possible criminal hotspots that may lead to further investigation or analysis of a criminal case Abu Al‐Haija et al. (2022, Electronics, 11, 556). The functionality of the proposed system is illustrated through several examples using data collected from the dark web, which includes advertisements offering firearms‐related products.

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