DOI: 10.1063/5.0167354 ISSN: 0034-6748

An integrated hinged dual-probe for co-target fast switching imaging

Kaixuan Wang, Jialin Shi, Tie Yang, Si Tang, Peng Yu, Huiyao Shi, Shenghang Zhai, Chanmin Su, Lianqing Liu
  • Instrumentation

The diversity of functional applications of atomic force microscopes is the key to the development of nanotechnology. However, the single probe configuration of the traditional atomic force microscope restricts the realization of different application requirements for the same target area of a single sample, and the replacement of the working probe will lead to the loss of the target area. Here, the design, simulation, fabrication, and application of a unique atomic force microscope dual-probe are presented, which consists of a pair of parallel cantilevers with a narrow gap and a U-shaped hinged probe base. The Integrated Hinged Dual-Probe (IHDP) is developed specifically for fast switching of probes working in limited space and independent and precise manipulation of each probe. The deflection signal sensing of two cantilevers is achieved simultaneously by a single laser beam, and the decoupled independent cantilever deflection signals do not interfere with each other. The switching of the working probe is achieved by a piezoelectric ceramic with a 2 µm stroke and U-shaped hinge structure, which is fast and does not require tedious and repetitive spatial position calibration. By measuring standard grid samples, IHDP exhibits excellent measurement and characterization capabilities. Finally, a working probe switching imaging experiment was conducted on solidified rat cardiomyocytes, and the experimental process and imaging results demonstrated the superiority of IHDP in switching probe scanning imaging of the same target area of a single sample. The two probes of IHDP can undergo arbitrary functionalization modifications, which helps achieve multidimensional information acquisition for a single target.

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