DOI: 10.1112/topo.12326 ISSN: 1753-8416

An h$h$‐principle for embeddings transverse to a contact structure

Robert Cardona, Francisco Presas
  • Geometry and Topology


Given a class of embeddings into a contact or a symplectic manifold, we give a sufficient condition, that we call isocontact or isosymplectic realization, for this class to satisfy a general ‐principle. The flexibility follows from the ‐principles for isocontact and isosymplectic embeddings, it provides a framework for classical results, and we give two new applications. Our main result is that embeddings transverse to a contact structure satisfy a full ‐principle in two cases: if the complement of the embedding is overtwisted, or when the intersection of the image of the formal derivative with the contact structure is strictly contained in a proper symplectic subbundle. We illustrate the general framework on symplectic manifolds by studying the universality of Hamiltonian dynamics on regular level sets via a class of embeddings.

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