DOI: 10.30785/mbud.1316590 ISSN: 2548-0170

An Evaluation of Design Proposals for Temporary Shelters Focused on Vulnerable Groups in Post-Disaster Situations

  • Automotive Engineering
Vulnerable group-oriented temporary space design considers the unique needs and challenges specified groups face during emergencies and aims to create a supportive environment that promotes safety, comfort, and accessibility both physically and psychologically. In this study, the vulnerable group was addressed to women, and a literature study was conducted covering the design of temporary spaces in emergencies and the requirements of the identified group. Alternative temporary space designs were analyzed according to criteria determined from the literature study, and examples were examined with the space syntax method via Depthmap software. As a result, it was suggested that the role of architecture is a significant factor in improving the living conditions and welfare of vulnerable groups, especially women in post-disaster environments, considering different socio-demographic structures and many problems can be corrected with the determined design criteria.

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