DOI: 10.1121/10.0022574 ISSN: 0001-4966

An adaptive algorithm for acoustic feedback compensation and secondary path identification of an active noise control system

Zhu Jie Feng, Tian Ran Lin, Li Cheng
  • Acoustics and Ultrasonics
  • Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous)

An adaptive variable step-size algorithm is proposed in this paper to address the impact of the real-time acoustic feedback and the real-time secondary path identification on the overall noise reduction performance of an active noise control system. An automated adjustment weight factor is introduced in the algorithm to accelerate the convergence of the acoustic feedback path as well as the secondary path identification, and to prevent possible system divergence. It is shown in this study that the proposed algorithm can resolve the trade-off between a fast convergence and a low misalignment of the virtual and the actual control paths typically found in conventional algorithms. An optimized control structure is also proposed in the study by enabling an adaptive gain adjustment based on the output of the auxiliary filter to enhance the practicality of the control system. The effectiveness of the algorithm is tested using two simulated multi-component signals and a broadband noise signal, and the results confirm that the proposed algorithm can achieve a good noise reduction with only a few iterations.

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