DOI: 10.1002/jhet.4773 ISSN: 0022-152X

Amine and nitramine functionalization of imidazole‐triazine and triazole‐triazine skeletons: Exploring for potential multipurpose energetic materials

Abhishek Kumar Yadav, Manojkumar Jujam, Vikas D. Ghule, Srinivas Dharavath
  • Organic Chemistry


A series of five and six‐membered C‐C bonded energetic materials (27) based on a combination of imidazole‐triazine and triazole‐triazine backbones were designed, synthesized, and characterized using NMR, IR, Mass spectrometry, and TGA‐DSC studies. Further, the structure of compound 4 was supported by single‐crystal X‐ray analysis. All the newly synthesized energetic compounds exhibit good density, excellent thermal stability, good detonation performance, and low mechanical sensitivity toward impact and friction. Among all, the nitrate salt 4 exhibits balanced properties, including high density (1.80 g cm−3), excellent thermal stability (254°C), good detonation velocity (8178 m s−1), and low sensitivity towards impact and friction. The facile synthetic feasibility, thermal stability, energetic performance, and insensitivity of all the molecules suggest they can be used as an insensitive secondary explosive in various defense and civilian applications.

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