DOI: 10.1115/1.4059417 ISSN: 0097-6822

Air Fans for Driving Electric Generators on Airplanes

G. Francis Gray, John W. Reed, P. N. Elderkin


In this paper the authors briefly describe the method employed by the Radio Development Section of the War Department in testing air fans used for driving the electric generators usually installed on airplanes for radio communication. They also discuss at some length the various types of air fans and present numerous photographs and curves clearly illustrating the construction of the fans and their operating characteristics.

The difficulty of the problem lay in designing a fan which would turn at constant speed in the air streams of widely varying speed set up by the airplane in flight. The various types of fans tested were: Fixed-blade fans of special blade shape; fixed-blade fans with wind brakes centrifugally regulated; fixed-blade fans using a friction clutch or a friction brake centrifugally regulated, and pivoted-blade fans in which the pitch is centrifugally regulated.

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