DOI: 10.1115/1.4059543 ISSN: 0097-6822

Advantages of High Pressure and Superheat as Affecting Steam-Plant Efficiency

Eskil Berg


After pointing out that steam turbines having a thermodynamic efficiency of nearly 90 per cent are available and that this figure permits of but slight increase through improvement, the author gives calculations showing the gains in fuel economy that may be obtained by the use of higher steam pressures and by the application of superheat. He further shows that a combination of both will give the best results and that, assuming a turbine efficiency of 85 per cent, a boiler (oil-fired) efficiency of 88 per cent, 800 lb. pressure and a steam temperature of 800 deg. fahr., the steam process compares very favorably with the results obtained with Diesel engines when it is considered that fuel for the latter is 50 per cent higher in price than that which can be satisfactorily burned under a boiler.

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