Shijia Kang, Peter Xiaoping Liu, Huanqing Wang

Adaptive fuzzy finite‐time prescribed performance control for uncertain nonlinear systems with actuator saturation and unmodeled dynamics

  • Control and Systems Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mathematics (miscellaneous)

AbstractIn this article, the tracking control problem is addressed for uncertain nonlinear systems with actuator saturation and unmeasurable unmodeled dynamics. Being different from the existing performance function control results, to constraint the output tracking error within a predefined boundary in finite time, an improved performance function, that is, finite‐time performance function, is introduced. The design difficulties of asymmetric input saturation and unmodeled dynamics are solved simultaneously for the first time by applying a smooth non‐affine function and a measurable dynamic signal. Furthermore, an adaptive fuzzy control scheme is established via command filtering, which not only guarantees the semi‐global boundedness of all the controlled system signals but also makes the output tracking error that can be restrained by the described performance bound within a finite‐time interval. At last, an effective example is supplied to validate the availability of the presented theoretical finding.

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