DOI: 10.55581/ejeas.1375193 ISSN: 2651-3412

A Variational Problem for the Power Factor in Capacitance Charging Process

Hafiz ALİSOY, Gülizar ALİSOY, Mahir YASAR, Selcen AKINCI, Gizem Büşra GÖK, Mohammadreza MASOUMİSOUREH
In this study, the solution of a variational problem that allows determining the input voltage form that provides the maximum power factor of the battery charging process in the RLC circuit and the change character of the charging current for constant R, L, C and charging time has been examined. The defined problem is obtained and solved in the form of a linear integro-differential equation. A quadratic voltage criterion is proposed to analyze the convergence of the power factor to its maximum value for various modes of charging the battery.

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