DOI: 10.52711/2231-5659.2023.00059 ISSN: 2231-5659

A Systematic Review on Anticancer Phytosomal Flavonoids

Pankaj B. Bhogam, Sushant A. Gharal, Tushar B. Patil, Aarti A. Varne, Priyanka S. Lad

Now a days phytochemicals present in medicinal plant have great therapeutic optionin many diseases. Consequently, plant research has become more important globally. Large number of crude drugs are available but they are constrained by their inadequate bioavailability and low absorption upon administration by oral route. The bioavailability of a medicine can be enhanced by developing a drug delivery system that can quicken and expand drug absorption through lipid membranes. This review includes the information related to phytosomes introductions, as well as its method of preparation. The second part of this provide overview of different flavonoids which have anticancer activity.

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