DOI: 10.2478/eoik-2023-0063 ISSN: 2303-5013

A Systematic Literature Review on the Transformation of Entrepreneurial Intention to Entrepreneurial Action

Thangarasa Tiburtrious Andrew Rohanaraj
  • General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
  • Business and International Management


Transformation of entrepreneurial intention to action is a relatively new field of research that has attracted considerable interest from researchers over the past decade. This literature review has endeavoured to systematise and categorise the past studies to comprehend their actual research focus. The study has used 65 articles published between 1981 – 2020, divided into two categories, as articles published between 1981-2000 and 2001 – 2020. This study has used PRISMA framework, with well-defined exclusion and inclusion clauses, to identify relevant articles. The review found psychosocial influence to be the major focus of entrepreneurship research during year 1981-2000 period, while entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneur’s family background, gender, behavioural control and entrepreneurial eco system, to be the major focus of the studies conducted between year 2001 and 2020. This review also found quantitative research methodology to be more popular among entrepreneurship researchers with regression analysis and structural equation modelling being most preferred for data analysis. This study has identified University students to be the most preferred unit of observation, while nascent entrepreneurs were found to be the least preferred. The study has also identified intention-action transformation to be a relatively new field of study with the field only gaining momentum over the past decade. This study adds value to the existing literature, through systemization and categorization, while supporting the administrators, policymakers, universities, and future researchers.

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