DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2302145120 ISSN:

A spin-mechanical quantum chip for exploring exotic interactions

Longhao Wu, Shaochun Lin, Xi Kong, Mengqi Wang, Jingwei Zhou, Chang-Kui Duan, Pu Huang, Liang Zhang, Jiangfeng Du
  • Multidisciplinary

How to illuminate dark matter has become the foremost open question in fundamental science nowadays, which is of great significance in understanding the laws of nature. Exploring exotic interactions beyond the standard model is one of the essential approaches to searching for dark matter particles. Although it has been explored in a variety of lab-scale and tabletop-scale setups over the past years, no such interactions have been observed, and improving the sensitivity significantly becomes of paramount importance, but challenging. Here, we formulate the conception of a spin-mechanical quantum chip compatible with scalable on-chip detectors. Utilizing the prototype chip realized by the integration of a mechanical resonator and a diamond with single nitrogen vacancy at the microscale, the constraints of spin-velocity-dependent interactions have been improved by two orders of magnitude, where there is no evidence for new bosons in the force range below 100 nm, i.e., in the rest-mass window of 2–10 electronvolts. Based on the proof-of-principle experiment, this promising chip can be scaled up to meet the requirements of searching for exotic interactions at preeminent sensitivity. Low-cost and high-yield chip-scale setups will accelerate the process of dark matter exploration, providing a path toward on-chip fundamental physics experiments.

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